Multiplex Digital PCR

The marriage of 0.01% sensitivity, high multiplexing, and absolute quantitation

What is Multiplex Digital PCR?

In mdPCR, each target of interest is labeled by an unique molecular identification tag (I.D. tag) in the sample processing step. The sample is then distributed into a large number of nanoliter reaction wells on a silicon-based chip according to principles of digital PCR analysis. The simultaneous identification and quantitation of all targets of interest in the sample, among all the available reaction wells on the chip, gives rise to the quantitative results for multiple targets.

  • LifeOS’ mdPCR technology is a sensitive and accurate method for the detection and quantification of low abundance genetic variation in a high background of wildtype genetic molecules.
  • Our patented multiplexing solution solves the bottleneck to clinical use of conventional digital PCR systems, which can only look at 2-4 targets per test.
  • Genetic diseases are complex. Look at more targets to maximize your confidence with clinically relevant results.
  • Get your answer in clear numbers. Absolute quantitation reduces burdensome data analysis.

New possibilities are found at 100-plex

Current liquid biopsy techniques performed on PCR-based systems look at a few biomarker targets at a time, balancing between too few to be actionable and too many to be statistically accurate. With mdPCR, you can comfortably reach the multiplexity needed to cover a broad range of applications, such as genetic testing, cancer screening, companion diagnostics, and infectious disease monitoring.

Leverage economies of scale when looking at many targets

In standard duplexed dPCR tests, to ensure data quality, each test should include one control target for each target of interest, while a mdPCR test requires only one or two controls for a single hypothetical 48-plexed test. Multiplexing also eliminates uncertainty caused by variations between assays, giving you a more accurate end-point quantification. Our proprietary 110,000 partitions QLoci mdPCR Cartridge gives you clinically relevant sensitivity for most purposes even at a multiplicity of 48.

Economies of Scale for Digital PCR