LifeOS Genomics joins the 2020 Healthcare Expo Taiwan

Date: 2020.12.3 – 2020.12.6

Venu: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F

Booth: L405

Also join our on-site presentation

Dec. 4th (Friday) 11:00AM

Ultimate precision quantification – Multiplexed Digital PCR: from Genomics to Liquid Biopsy

LifeOS Genomics exhibition booth in 2020 BioAsia – Taiwan International Conference and Exhibition is at Booth S709.

LifeOS Genomics Announces RUO Release of QLoci™ Automated Multiplex Digital PCR (mdPCR™) System

Date: July 22, 2020  

July 22, 2020       LifeOS Genomics, a biotech company focusing on multiplex digital PCR (mdPCR) genetic testing platform and related application products, announces the commercial research-use-only (RUO) release of QLoci™ Automated Multiplex Digital PCR (mdPCR™) System, during 2020 BioAsia – Taiwan International Conference and Exhibition. QLoci™ Automated Multiplex Digital PCR (mdPCR™) System includes fully automated md1000 Analyzer, related consumables, system reagents, and QLoci™ Application Development Kit (ADK).

The released products are based on LifeOS Genomics proprietary multiplex digital PCR (mdPCR™) technology, a breakthrough of digital PCR, and are intended for users in academic and clinical research, as well as genetic testing service providers. It can achieve multiplexed quantitative analysis of up to 100 genetic biomarkers in a single assay with the sensitivity and accuracy of digital PCR method. Its automated analysis process enables a wide range of applications in genetic testing, such as precision medicine, early disease diagnosis, prenatal screening, and infectious pathogen identification, especially for distributed test centers and hospitals. QLoci™ ADK allows users to develop their own customized applications on LifeOS Genomics mdPCR™ system.