QLoci™ System

When you demand the most clinically relevant data, choose the most uncompromising platform

QLoci™ md1000 Analyzer

The QLoci md1000 Analyzer provides the only liquid biopsy testing platform capable of combining high clinically relevant multiplexing, 0.01% or better sensitivity, and absolute quantitation of biomarkers. The md1000 is designed from the ground up to help our mdPCR technology fulfill the clinical genetic testing workflow – with stringent quality controls from start to finish. The on-device QLoci mdSolutions software generates quantitative results for your samples.

  • State-of-the-art microfluidics cartridge
  • 4 fluorescent detection channels
  • Assay reagents & consumables
  • User-friendly GUI with import/export capabilities
  • dPCR mode allows for conventional dPCR experiments
QLoci md1000 Analyzer

What do we mean by our Sample-to-Result workflow?

Sample Preparation Logo

1. Sample Preparation

Start by extracting DNA from your sample using your preferred method and platform. Pre-amplify your DNA with QLoci mdPCR reagents. You can perform this conveniently on the QLoci SP24 Instrument or any lab use thermal cycler.

Sample-to-Result Logo

2. Sample-to-Result

Set up your run with the QLoci mdSolutions software with 5-10 minutes of hands-on time. Press start. Your report will be generated as samples are processed. The first sample is completed within 4 hours, and 2 hours for each subsequent sample. Up to 12 samples can be processed each run.

Blood Samples on Rack for Liquid Biopsy

Source your samples from blood, FFPE, or cell lines. Explore new opportunities in clinical applications with increased sensitivity and multiplexity.

QLoci SP24 Instrument

Perform pre-amplification and quantification. Our automated sample processing instrument reduces mdPCR workflow to just 30 minutes hands-on time.

QLoci GA Solutions GUI

As low as 5 minutes run setup time. Complete run setup inside the QLoci mdSolutions software with ease.

QLoci md1000 Analyzer

No intervention necessary from the moment you press start to report generation.

QLoci mdPCR Cartridge

All-in-One Chip Cartridge

Our cartridge is made with a high density chip design that subdivides each of its 110,000 partitions into a PCR reaction well through state-of-the-art surface chemistry. The high partition count allows QLoci to maintain high sensitivity in liquid biopsy applications.

The cartridge is part of the QLoci System’s integrated workflow. Robotics are used to inject the PCR mix, samples, and buffers into the cartridge with remarkable precision. Our patented microfluidics design ensures that more than 95% of those nanoliter reaction wells are reliably utilized for the dPCR process.