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LifeOS is developing better clinical solutions for complex genetic diseases using liquid biopsy.

Introducing the QLoci™ System

Powerful true multiplexing technology based on the digital PCR process.

Clinical testing platform for high sensitivity screening and diagnostics applications.

QLoci md1000 Analyzer
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Look at 100+ targets with multiplex digital PCR.


From sample to result.


Absolute quantitation for dynamic applications.

Optimized for liquid biopsies.

Bringing liquid biopsy into the forefront of genetic testing and healthcare.

LifeOS’ QLoci system offers 0.01% sensitivity assay panels with sample-to-result workflows.


Our patented mdPCR technology is a fast and reliable way to quantify large numbers of targets of interest in a single sample of nucleic acid.

Coupling digital PCR principles with a molecular coding strategy, mdPCR affords both the sensitivity of dPCR and the capability of highly multiplexed methods, while providing reliable quantitation results.

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System Workflow

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1. DNA Preparation

Extract and pre-amplify your samples in the QLoci SP24 Instrument or a conventional thermal cycler.

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2. Sample-to-Result

Reagents mixing, partitioning, data analysis, analyzing, and reading all on the QLoci md1000 Analyzer.

No more stations and modules, think intelligent automation.

QLoci™ Assay Panels

QLoci Assay Panels are closed system testing panels tailored towards specific clinical applications. Assay panels are made ready-to-use and clinically validated.

QLoci™ NIPT Assay Panel

The only PCR-based assay to assess chromosomal aneuploidy T21, T18, T13, X, Y.

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Collaboration Breeds Success

We offer an unique platform for medical laboratories, researchers, and hospital systems who think bigger for their clinical applications.

Join LifeOS and our partners in adopting the mdPCR technology in genetic testing, cancer screening, companion diagnostics, and infectious disease monitoring.

Interested in adopting the QLoci System for your biomarkers?