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Get to know the LifeOS Genomics team

Company Overview

LifeOS Genomics is a biotechnology and in-vitro diagnostics company focused on IVD genetic testing using liquid biopsy. LifeOS Genomic’s flagship product, the QLoci System, is an automated genetic testing platform based on our novel multiplex digital PCR technology (mdPCR). By leveraging the unique high multiplexity and sensitivity of this PCR technology, LifeOS aims to decentralize and enable the routine practice genetic testing.

Founder Timothy Liu, Ph.D., assembled a team of experts in genetics, chemistry, automation, optics, and medical software to design and develop a medical device that focuses on the IVD experience. LifeOS is positioning the mdPCR platform as a testing solution for a myriad of genetic diseases, with promising applications in non-invasive prenatal testing, early cancer screening, companion diagnostics, infectious disease monitoring, and other areas requiring high multiplexity and high sensitivity.