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LifeOS Developed Assay Panels

Start leveraging mdPCR immediately with LifeOS’ ready-to-use assay panels, developed specifically for the QLoci system to maximize the advantages of a highly multiplexed digital PCR platform.

Use the Analyzer’s dPCR mode to perform conventional dPCR experiments with ease.

Scientists Collaboration

Assay Co-Development

Fit the needs of your lab through the co-development of new assay panels with LifeOS Genomics. Your biomarkers combined with our proprietary mdPCR tagging system will give your lab a competitive edge in sensitivity and multiplexity.

QLoci™ NIPT Assay Panel

  • As short as 6 hours turnaround time
  • Data proven 99%+ accuracy
  • Screen for 7 genetic disorders
QLoci NIPT Assay Panel Logo

The QLoci non-invasive pre-natal testing (NIPT) assay panel identifies and quantitates fetal cell-free DNA (cfDNA) fragments contained in a vial of maternal blood. The test is designed to detect fetal aneuploidy in T21, T18, T13, X, and Y.

Compatible with the QLoci md1000 Analyzer, this assay panel vastly increases the accessibility of NIPT.

Tested Syndromes Test Item Occurrence
Down Syndrome
Edwards Syndrome
Patau Syndrome
Turner Syndrome
45, X0
Klinefelter Syndrome
47, XXY
Trisomy X Syndrome
XYY Syndrome

Maximize your utility on the QLoci™ system.

We understand that testing platforms are big commitments. Learn how you can also perform open-system digital PCR experiments on the QLoci md1000 Analyzer.

QLoci™ dPCR Mode on the Analyzer

  • Optimized and ready-to-use QLoci dPCR Master Mix
  • Up to 4 fluorescent channels
  • Microfluidic cartridge with 60,000 partitions
QLoci dPCR Mode Logo

When you need freedom to experiment, open-system digital PCR experiments can also be performed using the QLoci md1000 Analyzer. Use the QLoci dPCR Master Mix optimized by the LifeOS team or perform experiments using your own chemistry. Our built-in QLoci mdSolutions software is highly configurable for all forms of liquid handling, and can process up to 24 samples in a day. Treat the md1000 Analyzer as an high sensitivity, sample-to-result dPCR to run scientific experiments and develop your assays.

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